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Aliases blue, BlazeFan
Position(s) Member
Join Date November 13, 2005
Member ID 1342
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


blueXx was one of the first members at RMRK to constantly heat up an argument. Although he was helpful to RPG Maker newbies, his style of help was to berate. Most of the members would get upset by the parts of his post and completely ignore where he was attempting to help. Later this would lead to many arguments where members would claim that blueXx contributes nothing to the forums, yet the proof of him helping out users in Troubleshooting and other RPG Maker-related forums are still there.

The member blue most notably got into flame-wars with was Blaze (who later created another account as Dox). Their fighting led to both being banned on several occasions.

Even through all of the senseless fighting, there were still topics that turned into some interesting debates, often sparked by something blueXx said in disagreement to someone. Many would say that blue is the biggest reason the Intelligent Debate forum was created.

After some time, blue and zshadowzero27 started having flame-wars. It got so bad that the two of them were temporarily banned by Crankeye. When they both returned, it almost seemed they ignored each others' existance.

It seemed he was leaving the forums. He came back for a short time, but this time he was only there to flame and cause trouble. Many of the people that respected him no longer did, thus resulting in his nomination for the Hero to Zero award in the 2006 RMRK Awards. Blue was exposed as a flamer when questioned. He claimed he was tired of the forums and promptly left. Others suggest that he is a troll.

After the forums went down due to exceeding bandwidth, and the forums were reset to April, many of Blue's posts were lost.


Blue's frustration with members on the board led him to create alternate accounts to attack other members. BlazeFan was Blue's way of making fun of Blaze. Only a few of the earlier posts from this account still remain, due to the backup not containing them. In particular, the post where he reveals himself as blueXx is gone.

Return of the Pa-rang-Sek

Pa-rang-sek is Korean for "blue." He returned as this alternate personality.


Even though blueXx is not a pleasant, he a sense of humour, even if it was at his victim's expense. The contributing factor is why he wasn't hated by every member. Some might say he wanted to be regarded intelligent with his high profile attacks on other members.

Those that chatted with him on MSN knows that he was much more laid back there.

It's been said that blueXx is like a softer version of Jesus Hitler.

Community Involvement

In his time at RMRK, blueXx accumulated over 2000 posts.

Forum Activity

You can still find the bulk of his posts around RMRK in older topics. The majority of his posts were in Troubleshooting, contrary to popular belief. He was also seen posting a lot in General Chat, Forum Games, and Intelligent Debate.

He was active in most of the debates going on in the forum and commonly would argued with members Blaze and Inaru.

2006 RMRK Awards

He may have been a long-time inactive member, but he was still nominated for:

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