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  • Current Version : v2.35
  • Latest Update: May 10th, 2012
  • Position: FullOp
  • Created by : NAMKCOR
  • SexyBot of #crankeye

#Crankeye Functions

In #crankeye, BlottBott is designed for random fun and entertainment and has the following commands available to any user, which can be referenced by typing !commands

  •  !nouman <nick> : set a bomb in <nick>'s pants
  •  !cut <color> : cut the wires if you have a bomb
  •  !hilo <number> : starts the hi/lo number guessing game
  •  !g <number> : guess a number
  •  !roulette <bullets> <clip> : russian roulette with <bullets> bullets in a <clip> size clip
  •  !roll <number> <min> <max> : generates <number> random numbers between <min> and <max>
  •  !define <name> <entry> : creates a definition for <name>, of meaning <entry>
  •  !def <name> : pulls up any existing definition for <name>
  •  !fortune : get a fortune cookie fortune
  •  !8ball <question> : ask a question get an answer from the cosmos
  •  !spin : play spin the bottle, don't be a wuss
  •  !meatspin : pretty much spin the bottle
  •  !fml : displays a random entry
  •  !hangman : begin a game of hangman
  •  !letter <letter> : guess <letter> in hangman
  •  !solve <word> : attempt to solve the hangman game with <word>
  •  !nstats : displays the win/loss stats for !nouman

The Following Commands are only accessible in BlottBott's PM window, and must be entered there:

  •  !add <word> : <adds> word to the hangman database
  •  !print : displays the number of words currently in the hangman database
  •  !challenge <name> : challenges <name> to Rock Paper Scissors
  •  !rps <rock/paper/scissors/decline> : input for RPS, challenged can decline

In order to keep things orderly, the following commands are only available to those with bot access level 2000 or above (NAMKCOR, HaloOfTheSun, and Roph, presently):

  •  !undefine <name> : delete any existing definition for <name> (in #crankeye)
  •  !del <word> : removes a word from the hangman database (in BlottBott PM)
  •  !adv <mode> <mask> : accesses the auto de-voice listing
    • mode - add : adds <mask> to the database
    • mode - del : deletes <mask> from the database
    • mode - find : searches for <mask> in the database and returns who added it
    • note: <mask> must be the full usermask (e.g. - *!*


BlottBott is also a fully functioning mafia control bot, for assistance in running the party game Mafia.

The following functions are used by players of the game, which can be referenced by typing !mafiacontrols in #mafia:

  •  !join : join a new game when it's open
  •  !vote <name> : vote for player <name>, vote "Nobody" (without quotes) to vote for not lynching anybody, Once the Vote Threshold has been reached (number of live players / 2) night will automatically occur, and the player with the highest number of votes will automatically be killed (unless "Nobody" wins the vote)
  •  !unvote : remove your vote
  •  !showvotes : show who was voted for and how many times

In order to control the game, a hefty set of backend controls have been programmed for operators, and can only be accessed through the invite only channel #mafiacontrol. If you wish to be an operator, talk to NAMKCOR ;)

  •  !clear : start a new game, clears all tables
  •  !addrole <name> <number> : adds role <name> allowing for <number> of them
  •  !delrole <name> : deletes entry of role <name>
  •  !setmafia <name> : set the 'mafia' role as <name>, THIS MUST BE DONE OR THERE WILL BE NO MAFIA MEMBERS RECOGNIZED BY BLOTTBOTT
  •  !printroles : print out the list of roles
  •  !printplayers : print out the list of players who have already !joined
  •  !close : disable further !joining in the current game
  •  !setroles : randomly assigns roles to the players who have joined
  •  !sendroles : sends the players their roles, allowing for them to !confirm and join #secrethideout if necessary
  •  !printgamers : after using !setroles, this will display all the living players and their roles
  •  !day : set +v to the living players
  •  !night : set -v to the living players
  •  !kill <name> : kill player <name>, removing them from the gamers list and inviting them to #graveyard
  •  !clearvotes : clear the votes table
  •  !end_mafia : end the mafia games.

Spam Prevention Measures

In order to keep things under control, BlottBott is equipped with several spam prevention measures:

  • When any game is running, no other functions can be activated, except for the functions related to playing that game
  • All #crankeye functions are disabled when a game of mafia is in progress, to ensure that the mafia game continues smoothly
  • Multiple instances of the same game cannot run simultaneously
  •  !roll will not print more than 4 rolls at one time, in order to prevent channel flooding

Contact Info

If you want to suggest a feature to add to BlottBott, pm NAMKCOR on RMRK or on IRC and request the feature (give a name, and good explanation of what it should do). It will be considered, but not guaranteed to be added.