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Blizzard Odin
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Blizzard Odin is a bit of an oddity; it's obviously an account created by someone as a joke, although if it was created by an RMRK member, or just some random person isn't known for sure, as whoever posts as him, always uses a proxy.

It was obvious right away that it was a joke account for several reasons, most notably because he was using the exact same avatar and signature as Blizzard at the time, and, of course, because of the use of "Blizzard" in his name, mixed with "Odin", which was no doubt gotten from one of FuMannChu's rants at the time.

Although most of his posts (including his famous first few posts) are missing, due to the fact that the account was registered shortly before the forums crashed. However, someone took the liberty of registering the account again, once the forums were brought back up. Who did this is unknown. Most members suspect dwarra, mainly due to the writing style in dwarra's and Blizzard Odin's posts were very similar at first. dwarra has denied that it is him, though. If it were dwarra, it's likely it could be other members as well, especially considering that he gave his password out to his own account before.

Other suspects are/were Mental, FuMannChu, Westfield, and even at one point it was considered that Blizzard himself was the poster. Fu was only suspected because of the use of "Odin" in the name, but he is rarely thought to be Blizzard Odin nowadays. Mental seems to be a very likely suspect, especially due to the fact he claimed to have been Blizzard Odin the whole time, at one point. Whether he was telling the truth, however, is unknown. He was known to create multiple accounts, but was also knwon to be a liar, and most wouldn't think Mental was intelligent enough to know how to use a proxy, although that cannot be known for sure, of course.

Then there is the possibility, albeit a small one, that it was just some random forum guest that had been lurking, who decided to play a joke. It seems though that most members aren't willing to consider this option.


Blizzard Odin, or rather, whoever was posting as him, was obviously around to cause trouble, and that he did, for a short time. He didn't post much, really, and when he returned once again, most just ignored him.

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