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Aliases Dr_eadful, dr_azzilB
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Join Date March 8, 2006
Member ID 2336
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


Unlike most members at RMRK, Blizzard's very first post was fixing an error in a script Tsunokiette posted. It was clear that he was going to be a helpful member for RPG Maker users, and would most likely be posting some excellent scripts. This, of course, proved to be true.Blizzard is the main force behind many of the scripts at the forums, along with Tsunokiette and Zeriab.

Another thing that makes Blizzard stand out is the quality of the games he is making. This is due to the amount of effort and time he is putting into them, and not rushing them to meet deadlines, or just for the sake of finishing them. All the customized aspects don't hurt, either.

Blizzard became a very active member, with an incredibly high post count in a very short amount of time. Unfortunately, when the forums went down, he lost a great deal of those posts. Also in Russia, Blizzard makes his scripts SDK compatible with YOU!


Back when regular moderators only had powers over specific boards, and when Yossy started visiting the forums less frequently, HaloOfTheSun realized the vast amount of work ahead of him to keep the RPG Maker section cleaned up. He asked Blizzard if he were offered a mod position there, if he would take it, since he was always helping out with problems members were having with RPG Maker. Blizzard accepted, even though he didn't have a lot of time on his hands. So Halo proposed this to Silverline, and Blizzard then became a mod.

On March 25, 2007, he has stepped down from his moderator position, as he has said he was spending too much time at RMRK. Although there were obviously other reasons.

Leaving RMRK

After a rather large argument with Deliciously_Saucy and various other smaller events around the forums, Blizzard left along with SexualBubblegumX.

He had started a topic claiming RMRK was going downhill, and while several members disagreed with him, many agreed, mostly due to the lone fact that this was Blizzard saying this. SexualBubblegumX in particular sided with him on this; the drama he caused recently no doubt helped him reach this decision.

There was an apparent falling out with Silverline, although the exact details are unknown except to a few. This falling out became publicly noticed when Silverline posted in Spam a topic about Blizzard stepping down from his mod status, and Blizzard wanted everyone (mysteriously) just to leave it alone.

Even several months after his official departure, there are a few members who still think Blizzard was the lifeblood of RMRK, and that the forum will never be the same. However, most have moved on, and now enjoy there time at the forums.

Occasionally Blizzard will "come back" to the forums, claiming that it is just to see if his account has been deleted yet. Why it's so important to him that his account is deleted is unknown.

Blizzard... Odin?

The odd appearance of the member Blizzard Odin has confused many people. The member at first used the same avatar and sig that Blizzard was using. And IP checks only proved he was using a proxy, so proving who it is isn't likely. Most people assume him to be dwarra, but the thought of it being Blizzard himself has never been thrown out the window.


Blizzard is a very laid-back person, and would often join in on whatever silly nonsense is going on in The Sewers, and rarely gets angry with anyone, unless they've done something really bad. He would also help out with RPG Maker related troubles, and problems with scripts.

Community Involvement

Looking in the Scripts Database, one will immediately see the vast amount of contributions Blizzard has made to the forums.

Forum Activity

He was an active member all over, especially in Forum Games, The Sewers, and Scripts.


In the "controversy" with phoenix647 and crew, Blizzard helped to bring things to an end.

Blizzard was going to leave when he became fed up with Deliciously Saucy after a rough chat in Intelligent Debate and decided to delete his scripts and just vanish - this caused many new topics of members wanting him back, accepting he was gone, frowning upon the situation and ultimately most accepting his choice whether or not if they knew the full story of what had happened. In IRC this caused quite a stir. As things turned out though Blizzard did not leave and instead stayed after sorting things out with DS. This was unfortunately short-lived, as soon after Blizzard was to leave for good. As of yet, we do not have access to his reasons for leaving, though most members blame the fight with Deliciously_Saucy, while others cite extra reasons.

Also, in the fiasco with Naphe, Blizzard actually wasn't too involved, because Naphe had offered Blizzard a job, and as it turned out, it was a real job. This didn't mean Blizzard liked Naphe, but for the time being, he had to be nice to him. Recent events have changed this though, as Blizzard has basically told Naphe that he doesn't have to like the people he works with.

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