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Aliases Kite, Dox, the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, El Diablo, The Beast
Position(s) Member
Join Date November 12, 2005
Member ID 1336
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


When Blaze joined RMRK, right away he got on everyone's nerves. As most members, he was there because of RPG Maker, and so in his early days, most of his posts consisted of questions about the program, and how to do things. But, even when members gave him step-by-step instructions on how to do what was asked, he didn't seem to get it. Many members assumed at first this was just a prank, as no one could be this dense. However, as he continued to do this, it became clear Blaze was... special.

Making Enemies

Blaze seemed to have a knack for this. Even before the famed rivalry between Blaze and blueXx, there are posts where Blaze is helped out by blue, and he even does this nicely. This was often brought up when Blaze would claim blueXx has always had it out for him for some unknown reason.

Other members that formed notable rivalries with Blaze were Westfield, dwarra, and HaloOfTheSun. Yet, each of them (with the exception of Westfield, who no longer used RPG Maker) had helped Blaze out with his RPG Maker-related problems before any rivalries formed, thus further proving no one hated Blaze for the sheer fun of it. In addition to this, their help was commonly either unnoticed by him, or he just simply wasn't very thankful.

Inverto Rex: The Greatest Game Series of All Time!

Not long after Blaze joined, he posted a topic for his RPG Maker 2003 game, Inverto Rex. In a way similar to Naphe (although much less elegant, if you could say Naphe did so elegantly), Blaze made ridiculous claims about how great his game was going to be, and he would soon have a site for it. He also planned on it being a series, which he posted topics for each of those games, even before he started them or even finished the first one.

Unlike Naphe, however, Blaze posted undeniable proof that this game existed: screenshots. And they were real, without a doubt, because of how awful they were. Empty, poorly laid-out maps, and default graphics. Unfortunately, these screenshots cannot be found at this time.

Blaze's "Website"

At this time, Blaze and blueXx had already had a few arguments, and he had been getting on dwarra's nerves. Blaze's claims that he would have a website for his game series seemed ridiculous, considering all the questions he'd been asking on how to create one.

Nonetheless, Blaze FINALLY posted this topic. For a very long time, this was one of the better topics at the forums, as it contained massive amounts of idiocy as well as trashing. The first thing one would have noticed about Blaze's site (had it still existed today), is that it was actually just forums. Among Blaze's "special features" to get people to join, was an Inbox, for private messages.

Before even getting through the first page of the topic, Blaze gets upset at dwarra for no reason at all. This is one of many instances where someone is being nice to Blaze, and he either just interprets it wrong or doesn't think they're being nice enough, and goes off on them.

Later, in addition to misspelling "URL", Blaze states

"If that yrl doesn't work on your computer let me know. I'll give you another url. (Sorry for bragging about my web and asking alot for people to join, but it's so cool.I have5 members, counting me!)"

After this, Silverline makes the remark that's typically made when someone rips off the RMRK layout/makes an RPG Maker-related forum "Why do you want people to post on your forum rather than have them just do it here?". HaloOfTheSun, Westfield, and deadly_diablo quickly chime in as well, agreeing. Perhaps Blaze's "greatest" comeback ever to him ripping off the layout and categories was

"Those are all of my own catagories though ... I named them general chat and everything myself. Crankeye didn't help me."

This is also the topic where Westfield tries to help Blaze by suggesting a "For Dummies" book, to help him with his forums, and rikkuholic thinks that is meant to be an insult to Blaze, which started the rivalry between them.

Later Blaze's site was hacked and deleted (or so he claims) and he gets a new one. He has a shoutbox in it, and someone was spamming "BlueXx sucks!" in it. Blaze claimed blueXx was doing this and told him to stop, but the obvious question arose "Why would blue waste his time spamming your shoutbox with insults to himself?". Blaze couldn't comprehend this, and it's thought that it was likely he himself that did this, to make blueXx look bad.

Banned Again, and again, and...

Blaze was banned numerous times for flaming. The most memorable time was when he and Westfield were both banned for a flame war, in which Blaze called dwarra and HaloOfTheSun horrible mods. Silverline and dwarra created 3 different polls in Spam later, one asking if dwarra was a corrupt mod, one asking if Halo was a corrupt mod, and one asking if Westfield (thebodge) should have been banned.

It was unanimous that dwarra and Halo were good mods, and the majority thought thebodge shouldn't have been banned, as Blaze attacked him first, and Westfield was just defending himself.


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Dox's avatar.

Later, Blaze rejoined RMRK as Dox, in an attempt to make ammends with his enemies.

After returning, once again, he quickly made enemies with SexualBubblegumX for no apparent reason, and the two started flaming. Dox made videos where he did, what he thought, was an accurate portrayal of Fu. Everyone thought they were immature and stupid.

He called this going into "Blaze Mode" and for a while, would say how he wanted to give some Blaze Action. HaloOfTheSun posted in reference to that:

"Blaze action, as in you're going to get pissed off over nothing, and then start spewing a string of mispelled flames (especially "fagot"), and then someone will put you in your place, and you'll just laugh and say something else stupid, and you'll ignore all logic and facts presented to you, and you'll still going on making fifth grade insults, and then some member who doesn't know you will stand up for you, and then everyone will hate them too, and then most of us will ignore you, and then you'll keep fighting, thinking we're listening, and then some of the other lesser members will step in thinking this will make them cool if they fight you, and then you all look like idiots, and then you get banned? That kind of Blaze action? Yeah, Blaze action is stupid." Post

Ironically enough, this proved to be exactly what ended up happening, just over the spam of two days after.

Dox repeatedly claimed that he changed, and wasn't the same as Blaze, yet he failed to ever prove this. Often when a post was made about how he hadn't changed, he didn't even bother replying to it, often acting as it didn't exist, sort of like his new way of defending himself: acting like he's outsmarted everyone and not realizing how stupid he appeared even when he was being told this.

After he was warned that his next flame would result in a ban, he went flaming other members. This would actually be the first time he flamed anyone other than SexualBubblegumX during his return. The bulk of his flames (he only got two in before his ban was set), however, were directed at SexualBubblegumX and HaloOfTheSun. A permanent ban was then placed on him by arlen.

Oh no, the Wiki is gone!

Apparently Blaze thought it would be funny to "delete" all the articles in the wiki except for his and BlueXx's, and to fill the remaining two with false information. He seemingly didn't realize that it would take a very short time just to revert them back. He was banned from the wiki, but then evaded his ban once more, and began to do it again. Roph caught him early this time, and banned him for good, making it appear to him that the site was down.


Obviously, Blaze was very short-tempered. He also wasn't the brightest member by any means. However, Blaze did take some very mature stances in the Intelligent Debate forum, in the Homosexuality topic in particular, when many of the members were being immature (mostly due to their age anyway).

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Blaze was a common poster in the Projects/Games Forum Games and General Chat forums.

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