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Aliases Bio
Position(s) Member
Join Date June 9, 2005
Member ID 449
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


Blackdragon was one of the more prominent members at RMRK, as far as RPG Maker is concerned. He may not have been to well known in the General Discussion area, but those of that era involved in RPG Maker will probably remember him.

Along with other members such as Wouter, Dr_Swordopolis, and Inaru, Blackdragon was a member of The Soft Souls guild.

On February 4, 2006, Blackdragon announced in the Welcome forum he was leaving, "to a much greater forum then this". The topic can be found here.

Returning to RMRK

On January 3, 2007, Blackdragon posted a topic in the Welcome forum, announcing his return. The older members from that era still remembered him, such as deadly_diablo and Silverline, but as far as the rest of the forums were concerned, Blackdragon was just another member.

Return topic.


When he was a member in his earlier days, Blackdragon was fairly quiet, sticking mostly to topics about other members' games. After his return, he's still fairly quiet (except in IRC, where he is sometimes known as Bio), but now he frequents more topics in the General Discussion area.

Community Involvement

Other than the guilds, Blackdragon wasn't involved in any other community events.

Forum Activity

Most of Blackdragon's posting in his early days was in Projects/Games. Since the advent of the Abandoned Projects forum, and the New Projects forum, you are more likely to see his posts there, instead.

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