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Aliases bio, Dr_Hazard, Masturbarney, Daedalus, "the one chosen by Fadark"
Position(s) Member
Join Date December 6, 2005
Member ID 1494
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


When he first joined, biohazard became known (sort of) for his edits of resources. He later got tired of RPG Maker and left, and picked up Game Maker.

When he came back, most people didn't remember him, and he became active in the General area of the forums (General Chat, Entertainment, etc.). Most members found him annoying however.

He was banned for a week when he started flaming FuMannChu for no known reason and it earned him a spot in the 2006 RMRK Awards for Ban Of The Year. Due to Biohazards continued flaming he was eventually permabanned.


Most find him annoying, but for a while this seemed to have subsided. He has a crude sense of humor and can be very vulgar at times. He tries to troll but generally fails miserably.

Community Involvement

biohazard was a member of The Dark Masters Guild briefly.

Forum Activity

Often when bio posted, it was in The Sewers , but occasionally in Video Games or even Resources. He would sometimes stop by IRC, often being banned not long after his entrance due to flooding and other forms of mischief.

2006 RMRK Awards

Biohazard was nominated in the following categories:

2007 RMRK Awards

Biohazard was nominated in the following categories:

2008 RMRK Awards

Biohazard was nominated in the following categories:

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Epic Topic Biohazard's topic revolving around the whole point of having the "fucking win epic smiley" (pardon the language) invade anything, anyone, and anywhere that RMRK and its members come in contact with. It has taken over many avatars, signatures, and even to the extent of animated GIFs. This is quite an epic battle with RMRK vs. the world. For more information on this see biohazard's Task