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Aliases skyladoragono, Asch
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Join Date March 26, 2008
Member ID 5767
Status Inactive
RMRK Member
An artist's impression of what Atemu may look like, based upon eyewitness descriptions and personality study.

- Oh please. You wouldn't know where a vagina was if there were flashing neon lights and a map to get you there.


Atemu came to RMRK over from, on a referral from Anski. On .org, she is a global moderator. She remains the visitor from .org who receives the most attention, mostly down to her posting style and IRC activity. She is an artist, RPG Maker user, and avid Yu-Gi-Oh! fanatic.


Atemu has various sides to her personality, but all can be revealed to show a warm, soft, sweet and well meaning gooey center. If you get along with her you will find a polite, enjoyable girl, whereas if you rub her the wrong way you will quickly encounter her brisk and unforgiving, even slightly sadomasochistic bitchy side. Atemu is feisty when backed into a corner, and by all means will defend herself aggressively if the situation calls for it.

Atemu does not sit well with a certain few members, most notably Irock, who even after a long list of punishments continues to torment her. Both a source of his disagreement with her and also a means by which she uses to punish him are her auto-operator privileges in IRC. She routinely kicks Irockman1 almost playfully (she has referred to him as her "kick toy" in the past) from the channel, aided by a feature in his IRC client that will automatically bring him back to the channel straight away. Since this is Irock, nobody really cares and she continues to this very moment:

 [22:22] * ChanServ has kicked Irockman1 from #crankeye ((Atemu) Stop giving me negative votes.)
 [22:22] * Irockman1 ( has joined #crankeye
 [22:22] * ChanServ gives voice to Irockman1

Also as of this very moment, she is statistically the 6th most active in the IRC channel, though if you discard spamming, she would probably be more like the 4th. She holds the current channel record for the most kicks and actions, though the latter can be attributed to her custom commands.


2008 RMRK Awards

Atemu was nominated in the following categories:


Atemu supposedly started some static with NAMKCOR over her being mean to him, which caused an argument and a subsequent ignore of NAM to Atemu. Anski and a few others started it up again the next day and caused Atemu to leave the chat room for awhile, but still remained semi-active on the forum. She has since returned to the chat out of boredom.


Atemu has a private user project forum, called Starkiller Productions, which she uses to keep track of her numerous projects.

She was a spriter for BAG (Badass Awesomeness Guild) in the Guilds, but quit in frustration.


Atemu has abandoned her old nick, and now goes by the name of "Asch", after one of her favorite characters from Tales of the Abyss. Considering how much of a rabid fan girl she is, this is unlikely to change.


(When challenged to define "girl", by Irock) "An individual with assets you will never have access to."

"Actually, considering this is the internet, I have no way of telling if you are actually black with a gangsta complex, or a wigger trying to be all big and bad on the mighty unknown realm of the Internet. Given this fact, I can only judge you on how you present yourself, which you have done a pretty piss poor job of leaving behind a good impression.

Translation: stfu or gtfo"

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