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Aliases Arwym Starlight, Arwym, Starfish
Position(s) Moderator of Bean Bags
Join Date March 11, 2005 (Left August 3, 2008)
Member ID 194
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


Besides Crankeye himself, Arwym was perhaps the longest registered currently active member today. She's now been registered at RMRK for over 3 years. Though she had been here all this time, it was only recently she's actually shown activity.

Her activity had increased to the point where she could be considered a full-fledged prominent member. She was a moderator of Bean Bags from it's creation. She has since moved on from RMRK, the reason for which she has explained in her definite goodbye.


You could best describe Arwym as sweet, intellectual and respectful. It is impressive that she puts up with some of the members at RMRK. She also offers helpful and friendly advice whenever she sees the opportunity to, which is gaining her much respect in the eyes of members that recognise it. She sticks by her ideals, and it's been suggested she would make an excellent staff member.

Community Involvement

Arwym has shown up in the #Crankeye IRC Channel often, and has made a good impression upon all of the chat regulars. She is also behind the creation of the RMRK Universe project, currently being discussed in Community.

2007 RMRK Awards

Arwym was nominated in the following categories:

Arwym took 2nd for Most Boring Member.

2008 RMRK awards

Arwym was nominated in the following categories:


She has a keen interest to learn in a quite precise spectrum, mainly web related things. She runs her own website and is learning all the skills need to further this, including things like PHP, HTML and CSS. She has a knack for graphics too, her first avatar was a vector art she made herself.

She is also currently a dialogue writer on the Gold Team in the Guilds.

Arwym's Signature

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