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As a delightful change of events, on April first, o7, Silverline turned RMRK into 'arlMRK', making all members of the forums, names, avatars and signatures change to duplicate arlen's, a Super Moderator at RMRK. Another April fools day apearence was made by a member called "Pedobear", his/her welcome message made exactly on 12:00am, April 1st, RMRK time. Silverline proclaims that Pedobear contains a unique IP address and is just a new member, but it's hard to tell for sure.

It's a little-known fact that the real arl (arlen) wasn't even on the forums the day that this happened, meaning amongst all the arl copies, the real arl wasn't even present.

Other Things

The (forum default) light theme was also changed, and instead of the normal header logo, it was replaced by a set of eyes glaring down at all users browsing the forum. Unbeknown to most members, the eyes are actually those of Djangonator.