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Your average Anonymous, lol content

"Anonymous, lol" is perhaps the lamest forum on It was originally created just to mess around, though now it's... well, it's still just to mess around.

As the name implies, the forum is Anonymous, though only to a degree. With a moderate amount of invesitgation, it is relatively easy to work out who has posted where in the forum. To the Moderators, it's as simple as 1 click. This is of course, true for every member except the actual member named "anonymous", who really is anonymous, everywhere.

Nevertheless, some users feel comfortable enough under this partial anonymity to post such gems as this.


  • Bright R/G/B/C/M/Y/W/K flashing coloured parts of the forum.
  • Most posts are not actually written in CAPITAL LETTERS, but they appear that way to the user due to a CSS setting. This same setting actually makes all text, even non post text in the Anonymous, lol forum capitalised.
  • Absence of identifying user information on posts and thread indexes
  • Occasionally an annoying flash audio loop is embedded into all pages, usually catching users off guard as it only plays after a delay caused by the page loading and also the CPU usage of the forum due to the rapidly changing background colours.


I'm a spoi sport and I cheat :(