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Aliases None
Position(s) Member
Join Date August 23, 2007
Member ID 4824
Status Mostly Inactive
RMRK Member


Animefan showed up on RMRK somewhat quietly, but it was not long before he exploded onto the scene, but not with a warm reception. His Welcome thread was flame free, but it was not until he began posting in The Sewers was until he got a negative reputation.

When AF began in the sewers, many of his posts were generally unfunny and usually irrelevant to the current topic. This quickly angered Biohazard, along with his general dislike for anime and hentai in general, made Animefan an easy target for his never ending flaming abilities. It first began with Animefan's rep plummeting. Of course, he was enraged and explained this anger about his rep being in the far negatives. This caused Roph himself to obliterate the Rep System, replacing it about an hour later with a total rep, instead of one number going up and down, it showed the exact number of positive and negative rep the person has received.

When HaloOfTheSun saw how much Animefan was complaining about his rep, it was then that he decreased it by a mass amount. He continued to post about his rep despite everyones tries for him to STFU. But he persisted on until continued flames caused him post a very aggressive topic about how he felt that everyone was mindset on making him miserable. After multiple people's attempts to tell him that he brought this upon himself, he finally came to some sort of reason and vanished for a while.

When he came back, he began to post in practically every topic in the Sewers. Many of these posts began to become very annoying and unfunny, and when he began to post 4chan meme's without knowing what they really meant and were used for, this angered everyone. It also caused Biohazard to snap and flame him full out without consequences, and Animefan didn't care and kept onward. This tirade lead Wingard/Knobhonker to HATE him, full out. Of course, many peoples' tries to convince him, mainly Zypher and EVAProject01, seemed to help him change. It is currently after that Aftermath.

For reasons not quite known, he was given his own sub-forum in The Sewers, simply known as ???????????.


Animefan seems to be very naive and socially awkward around a large group of people, mostly due to his actual, secluded upbringing. Animefan has shown signs of being bipolar, going from angry to happy in seconds. Usually he does not see what he is doing wrong, and when someone corrects him, he either responds in aggressiveness or with a post saying he will take their advice and change his ways. He seems to always wanting to be better, building his social skills. AF is a very impressionable person and seems to take everything to the extreme, usually assuming everything is serious. Animefan has also proven himself on countless occasions to be hilariously computer illiterate, out of 23,000 members Animefan somehow manages to rack up nearly 3% of the entire Computing Board's posts. For comparison, Animefan's total post count is only at .3% of the Forum's posts as of March 2012. A ratio of 1 normal post for every 10 posts he makes about computer troubles. (Although this normal post is usually a very disturbing look into Animefan's personal life in Bean Bags

Community Involvement

He has never really been a huge impression on the community, other than his disposition with everyone else, leaving his rep raped in the negative hundreds.

Forum Activity

AF is NEVER seen on the RPG Maker section, mostly in the Sewers themselves. For a short while he would appear in IRC. Nearly all of Animefan's posts within the years 2010-2012 were within either Bean Bags or Computing

RMRK Awards

2007 RMRK Awards
Most Immature Member1st
Biggest Drama Whore2nd (Tied with Blizzard)
Most Likely to Become A Moderator6th
2008 RMRK Awards
Biggest Drama Whore1st
Most Successful Troll3rd
2009 RMRK Awards
Biggest Drama Whore1st (Tied with Anski)
2010 RMRK Awards
Biggest Drama Whore2nd
Most Successful Troll3rd
Zero To Hero4th
2011 RMRK Awards
Biggest Drama Whore3rd (Tied with Anski)

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