Angelic Diablo

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Angelic Diablo
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Aliases AD, Dr_Jimmy
Position(s) Member
Join Date November 29, 2005
Member ID 1441
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


When Angelic_Diablo first came to the forums, it was mostly for help with RPG Maker and to share his edited resources. Like most members who stick around, his activity with RPG Maker has dropped, although he still uses it somewhat.

At one time, Angelic_Diablo tried to pretend he was a girl, and thought it was incredibly funny when he "revealed" he was not a girl, but a man! Then he left RMRK.


Angelic_Diablo was one of those members that is quick to jump on the bandwagon, especially if SexualBubblegumX or Nightwolf are involved.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

AD often posted in Spam, General Chat, and Community.

RMRK Awards

2006 RMRK Awards
NominationNominated ByVotesPlacing
Best UsernameZypher, ZaMullet, darkelementwars3 (9.4%)3rd (Tied with Jesus Hitler and FuMannChu)

2007 RMRK Awards
NominationNominated ByVotesPlacing
Best Use of Avatar and Signature SpaceAngelic_Diablo0 (0%)5th

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