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Aliases Pegasus, Dark_Prince, pegasusgamer2005
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Join Date August 23, 2004
Member ID 61
Status Inactive
RMRK Member


Pegasus, as he was most commonly referred to as around RMRK when he joined, was a very active member in RPG Maker development, often creating graphic resources for other members. It wasn't long before Crankeye appointed him as a moderator. Besides neosiris, he was the only mod around for a long time. When Silverline created the RMRK Super Moderator position, Pegasus was instantly promoted, of course, along with HaloOfTheSun and Yossy.

Since then, he changed his name to AlianceKing2007 and has become inactive, surrendering his position over to newer and more active staff members.


Pegasus was one of the nice members, often creating title screens and charsets for members' RPG Maker games. One of the most noted qualities about him is his poor grammar.

Community Involvement

During the period of the guilds, Pegasus was the leader of The Dark Masters guild. As he is considered an inactive member now though, Pegasus doesn't get involved in any forum events. He can still be found at his website and forums, though, where he is known as Dark_Prince.

RMRK Awards

2007 RMRK Awards
NominationNominated ByVotesPlacing
Favourite Staff MemberDefault0 (0%)9th

Forum Activity

When he still posted, most of his posts could be found in forums such as Resources, RPG Maker 2000, 2003, and XP Discussion, Forum Games, and the Poster Board.

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