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Aliases Acolyte
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Join Date July 22, 2010
Member ID 14269
Status Active
RMRK Member


Joining in the summer of 2010, Acolyte quickly made a name for herself due to her numerous contributions to the RPG Maker-oriented subforums, something she still actively does to this day (and remains one of the few veteran members to do so). Her popularity continued to increase as she made her way across the rest of the forums, instilling a presence in IRC, and eventually became one of the most prominent members of the website. Most people who have made friends with her appreciate her down-to-earth attitude and exuberant high spirits.

Acolyte enjoys condensed cream of mushroom soup on toast and chinese food. She can open doors with her feet, and she enjoys daydreaming.

Community Involvement

As aforementioned, Acolyte is renowned as being one of the few longstanding members who still actively participates in RPG Maker, and their respective subforums. She is also one of the more active IRC members, usually stopping by at least once a day to talk.

The Auto Accident

On 9 January, 2012, Acolyte reported that she had suffered a facial fracture following a car accident. Aparrently the vehicle she was in got "attacked by a wild ditch" as she put it, and her injuries required some surgery. While she did experience a full recovery, the RMRK community was saddened at her misfortune and angry at the airbags for trying to rearrange her face. --EvilM00s 23:43, 5 March 2012 (EST)

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