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Aliases AI
Position(s) Member
Join Date January 8th, 2012
Member ID 22280
Status Active
RMRK Member


AbsoluteIce is a new member to RMRK. Although relatively new to the site, he has a steadily increasing post count. He can be seen posting in Community and the RPG Maker sections. He specializes in making Game Over screens, and a bit of drama occurred when he stopped by IRC one day to ask for permission to use Dr. Mc's picture as a game over screen for people wanting to make joke games.

Oddly, he stated that his game over screens are "free to use for non-commercial games", but then states that you must pay to use them because "you requested them". No one has used his screens yet.

As many infamous members have done in the past, on March 6th, 2012, AbsoluteIce created a thread complaining about his negative rep. It had allegedly fallen 89 points in half an hour. It then fell 400 points in 40 minutes, which he continued to post about. Caring about rep is generally considered by members of RMRK to be dumb, and many argue that rep shouldn't be taken seriously at all.


He has been known to make creepy remarks towards other members, most notably when it comes to Dr. Mc's face.

Community Involvement

Forum Activity

He has shown interest in resource making. He also stops by IRC from time to time.


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A ghost moderator frequently edits AbsoluteIce's profile to include this avatar, featuring a photo of AbsoluteIce himself.

In early 2012, he visited #crankeye asking for permission to use Dr. Mc's face as a game over screen. This was obviously met with confusion and several follow-up questions, such as "What is wrong with you?", "Why would someone use a person's face as a Game Over screen?", and "No, really, what is wrong with you?". He claimed to have already made two of them, but once he saw how freaked out everyone was (but still not understanding why), he then claimed he never made them. People theorize that he might be a creepy dude, or maybe just madly in love with Dr.Mc. However, this is very unlikely because everyone knows that Dr.Mc totally has a thing for Pacman. [citation needed]

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