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This article attempts to explain thoroughly about what this site is, and what it is not - it will give you ideas on how to get most from the site.

What this site is NOT


Official. This site has absolutely no official nor formal connection with Enterbrain, ASCII, YoYo Games, or any of their subsidaries or affiliates.


A Business. RMRK is not part of any media conglomeration; we do not have a constitution; we do not exist as a company, formal partnership, nor other business. We don't have a bank account. We're not trying to sell you anything and no-one is paid for their input to the site.


The News. The RPG Maker Resource Kit (or RMRK as we're often known) does not set out to be a news site on RPG Maker and RPG Maker related news; there are dozens of sites that do that.


Polite. While of course respect is encouraged to a certain degree; unless it is excessive, things like swearing are allowed. This varies from forum to forum, and you'll quickly see that some forums are more heavily protected from such things that others (such as Spam/General Chat).


Very Serious. We have been told that the format of the site may make it look serious at first glance. We're not - remember that ! RMRK is somewhat known for it's laid-backness.


Censorious. You can generally say what you like how you like. The editorial policy will not impinge on what you say unless you're abusive, a racist, a homophobe, or promoting illegal activity. Staff still reserves the right to edit/delete content as they see fit and at their discretion.

What This Site IS


About RPG Maker. Any and all contributions are welcome and encouraged.


Dedicated. Though some staff have somewhat drifted in their interest in RPG Maker, new members that have contributed and show dedication to RPG Maker are being appointed.


Opinionated. Whilst this site is not primarily a debate contest, such things do happen and without an open mind or sense of respect you are best not entering those particular forums.


Concerned about members. This is a tricky one. A side effect of RMRK's "Laid-backness" is that not all members may always feel comfortable at all times. While it would be impossible due to differing opinins and personalities for RMRK to please everyone all the times, an effort is made to try and maintain the best balance. If you do feel a particular thing is getting out of hand, you're encouraged to contact an administrator or staff member. All matters are looked over and taken seriously.


A Huge Resource. Amongst the features the site contains:

  1. One of the largest, oldest collections of posts and members out there.
  1. A vast collection of tutorials, resources and tips.
  1. Many active RPG Maker users like yourself who can offer advice, help and critique.


A lively community. The site was initially small and quiet, though recently has experienced a great boom in activity. This is advantageous for members as it results in many discussions, quick replies and more people available to help.


Easy To Contribute To. RMRK offers lots of opportunities for you to add your opinions, resources and tutorials. You can:

  1. Submit resources via the main site or through the special resources forum
  1. Submit tutorials
  1. Use the forums and the chatroom.
  1. Even just help regular members with their RPG Maker problems if you know a solution to them.

The data you supply here remains strictly confidential. Your email adress and other contact information will not, and never will be, passed onto any third party, nor used for any commercial purposes. You will not receive junk mail from this site. The only e-mail you will ever receive from RMRK are PM notification notices (if you have the option set in your profile), and forum wide global news announcements. You can unsubscribe from these announcements via your profile also.

All submissions are copyright of the contributor, RMRK does not take ownership of any user submitted Resources or Tutorials. In submitting materials to the site you are publishing them via us for yourself, and you are responsible for the information contained in your submissions. They are your property.

RMRK People

Everyone using RMRK is welcome to be involved and contribute. Contributors do not go unnoticed, and frequently helpful contributors are rewarded.


Crankeye & Silverline.

If you have any technical questions you can use the email adress: forums [at] rmrk [dot] net. Any other questions or queries should be sent via the forum's PM system.

Site content(crankeye.com)


If you have any editorial questions, or want to submit an article or suggestion, email crankeye [at] yahoo [dot] com, or contact him through the forum's PM system.

Forum content

Please contact Mods and Admins via the forum's PM system. You can find a list of all current staff members, with links to their profiles, here.