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December of 2006 marked the first ever RMRK Awards.


The nominations began December 4, 2006.

A multitude of categories were given topics by Silverline, wherein members could nominate up to two members to for the award. Users were allowed to nominate themselves as well. Later, the nominees would be voted upon and the winners would be announced on December 25. Discussion of the Awards were to be kept in the 2006 RMRK Awards Topic.


Voting began on December 17, and ended December 25.


Ban Of The Year

As RMRK hasn't had too many bans, or rather, not too many bans that got much attention, this topic was never allowed to be posted in, as the nominations were already pre-determined by Silverline. The nominees were:

Total Voters: 27

Best RPG Maker User (Technical)

Members were to nominate and vote for who they thought was best at RPG Maker's technical aspects, such as scripts and events. The nominees in this category were:

Total Voters: 25

It's assumed Naphe was only nominated as a joke.

Best RPG Maker User (Creativity)

Here members were nominated for their storylines, and aspects of their games that made them stand out from the others. The nominees:

Total Voters: 24

Best RPG Maker User (Graphical)

The users with the best chipsets, charsets, and best designed maps were nominated here:

Total Voters: 25

Kindest Member

Users who always seemed to be helping someone out, and having something positive to say were nominated for this award:

Total Voters: 27

Note: Although Yossy did have the most votes, this is due to someone voting after the awards were over, while the poll was still unlocked. At the time the awards were officially over, Yossy and Silverline both had 5 votes, thus they both receied the award.

Thread Of The Year

Threads that were popular due to hilarity or just idiocy beyond belief were nominated here:

Total Voters: 22

Note: ITT WE HAVE THE HIGHEST AMOUNT OF POSTS was originally started by Silverline, and then merged into a topic started by dwarra at an earlier date, therefore showing dwarra as the topic starter. The name of the topic has recently changed several times as well. As of this article, it is currently called "Breasts".

Biggest Member Moderator

Members who act like moderators even though they aren't were nominated here:

Total Voters: 22

Zero To Hero

Some members started out incredibly annoying, or just plain forgettable. Yet, they worked their way to become one of the better liked members of the forums. The nominees here were:

Total Voters: 22

Hero To Zero

"They used to be cool, but have fallen off recently. While in the past they were part of what made the community vibrant, now they just drag it down and no longer have anything to offer." - Silverline

Here the nominees consisted of:

Total Voters: 22

Most Likely To Become A Moderator

If RMRK ever needed another moderator, these are who the bulk of the forums think should become one:

Total Voters: 26

Funniest Member

RMRK has many members that can make you laugh. These members nominated here are thought to be funnier than all the rest:

Total Voters: 25

Note: Naphe's and BOE's nominations here were a bit controversial. Many thought that voting for them was a waste, yet at the same time, some saw this as it really was: a joke.

Post Of The Year

Sometimes a post by someone is just so great it deserves an award. Here it was narrowed down to five choices:

Total Voters: 23

Note: The "Fat" post by FuMannChu, and the topic containing it, has since been deleted from the forums.

Most Mature Member

"Among our membership, some people's maturity rises above others. These members will never resort to flaming or holding-breath techniques, and will resolve conflicts in a peaceful fashion.

Who do you feel has been the most mature member?" - Silverline

The members nominated here were:

Total Voters: 27

Most Immature Member

Some members just don't know how to handle criticism, or perhaps their sense of humor is just a little below what one would expect from someone their age. Here, the nominees were:

Total Voters: 24

Note: DeathTrooper has since changed his user name to "Teh Dalton". Also, Mental is no longer a member of the forums. Even at the time of the awards, he had already deleted his account months before.

Most Artistic Member

Members here were nominated due to their talents in drawing, composing, or writing:

Total Voters: 26

Note: As with the Kindest Member award, some members had voted even after the awards were announced. At the time of the Results being posted, HaloOfTheSun and Yossy were tied for 1st, arlen had only 1 vote, and Lavata only had 3 votes, putting him in 3rd rather than tied with landofshadows. Luckily the confusion with all the extra votes came about after the results were announced, rather than before. It also seems to only have been restricted to this category and Kindest Member.

Best Use Of Avatar And Signature Space

"Cast adrift amongst a sea of names and print, it's no surprise that many of us rely upon avatar and signature recognition in order to spot some member's posts. Some sigs and avatars, combined with a witty custom title, stand out far above others.

Who has had the most unique and clever combination of signatures, avatars and custom titles?" - Silverline

The nominees for this category were:

Total Voters: 21

Best Chat Member

This award pertained to those members who were most interesting to talk to in IRC:

Total Voters: 22

Note: At the time of the results being posted, Yossy and arrowone only had 1 vote, and HaloOfTheSun only had 2 votes.

Best Username

Members with interesting and creative usernames, and those you don't see on other forums were nominated here:

Total Voters: 29

Most Boring Member

Some members' posts just make you want to go to sleep. They aren't funny, and are always predictable. The nominees for this category were:

Total Voters: 23

Best Newbie

This award was reserved for members who registered sometime in the 4 months before the awards. Nominees for this were:

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